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About FPO

Posted on January 15th, 2009

About the Free Program Office

FPO has a responsibility to monitor, advise and provide guidance on the appropriate FOSS usage for government. Its mission is to ensure the implementation of Free OpenSource Software (FOSS) in government.


A thought leadership and guidance for Government FOSS migration.

The six major streams of SITA’s FPO are:

  • FOSS Skills Development, which deals with the development and utilization
    of FOSS skills in the public sector
  • Planning , monitoring and evaluation, to determine usage of FOSS in organizations, assess their needs and catalyze their migration processes
  • FOSS advocacy which deals with external and internal communication
    management and stakeholder management
  • Migration of government departments to FOSS
  • Rating and development of FOSS and
  • Open Standards promotion.
  • The FPO develops and manages an ecosystem that includes all the six streams as well as the process of procuring FOSS services from vendors.

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